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Our Company is a pioneering company dedicated to the production and distribution of high-quality broom sticks made from sustainable natural materials such as nipah, coconut, and palm oil. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of eco-friendly cleaning solutions that cater to both residential and commercial needs.


About Our Company

We believe that cleaning is not just a chore; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature while maintaining your living spaces. Introducing a revolution in cleaning solutions – our exquisite broom sticks handcrafted from the bounties of nature: nipah, coconut, and palm oil. Immerse yourself in a world of eco-friendly elegance and experience the advantages that only BroomCrafters can offer.


To be the leading provider of premium broom supplies, trusted globally for delivering exceptional quality, unmatched variety, and innovative solutions that cater to diverse cleaning needs, while upholding the values of sustainability and customer-centricity.


Our mission at Broom Broom Stick Indonesia is to consistently deliver top-quality broom products and accessories that redefine cleaning experiences.

Our Approach

At our company, we understand that the foundation of a truly effective cleaning
experience begins with the quality of your tools. That’s why we take immense pride in
crafting broomsticks that redefine the standards of excellence. When you choose our
broomsticks, you choose an uncompromising quality that transforms cleaning into a
seamless and satisfying ritual.



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Palm Broomstick

The palm broomstick is a testament to the ingenuity of nature’s offerings. Crafted from the fibrous and sturdy fronds of palm trees, it stands as an eco-friendly cleaning marvel that combines functionality with sustainability.

Color: Brown(Clean and Dry)

Packaging: PP Bags, 500 Bags
Net Weight: 25,000
Gross Weight: 25,150

Nipah Broomstick

Expertly crafted from durable nipah palm, our broomsticks combine eco-friendliness with efficient cleaning. Fine bristles capture dirt effortlessly, ensuring long-lasting cleanliness for your home or workspace.

Color: Green dish Yellow (Clean and Dry)

Packaging: PP Bags, 500 Bags
Net Weight: 25,000
Gross Weight: 25,150

Coconut Broomstick

The coconut broomstick is a remarkable cleaning tool that harnesses the natural strength and versatility of coconut palms to make your cleaning tasks a breeze. Crafted from the fibers and wood of coconut trees

Color: Green dish Yellow (Clean and Dry)

Packaging: PP Bags, 500 Bags
Net Weight: 25,000
Gross Weight: 25,150

The Leading Supplier of Broomstick

Experience the Palm Broomstick Difference: Quality Meets Sustainability

We stands as a symbol of sustainable innovation, offering customers an opportunity to embrace eco-friendly cleaning solutions without compromising on quality or performance. 

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